Stunning Stones

Stunning Stones
Alicia Buckler-White
5245 Patriot Lane
Columbia, MD 21045
[email protected]


Stone. Glass. Silver. Bronze. The endless combinations and possibilities they present provide balance to the quite different other side of my life.
After some traditional metalsmithing and wire working I took metal clay classes from several excellent teachers and haven’t looked back.

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Marble Man

The Marble Man
Jack & Sue Hahn
6113 Mudville Road
Woodford, VA 22580
[email protected]

Jack_in_Booth  We make Classic Old Time Games such as Chinese Checkers and Aggravation all using Marbles we make of Recycled Glass as markers.  We also have Sun Catchers made with the Marbles and various weights of Brass & Nickel Silver wire.

Chinese_Checkers   shooter_set   Siamese_Checkers   Solitaire

Main Street Villages

Main Street Villages
Mary Ann Gehle
1809 Kings-Forest Trail
Mt Airy, MD 21771
[email protected]

Main Street Villages was founded by our family in 1982.  For 32 years we have produced hand-crafted, hand-painted wooden villages.  We make our houses, one at a time, and our customers appreciate and enjoy the uniqueness of each one.  Mary Ann does the design work and painting, while Keith does the cutting and sanding.  Main Street Villages are made in Mount Airy, MD.  Come and see what’s new for 2014, and let our little villages add sparkle to your gift giving and holiday decorating!  The Mistletoe mart is a magic place to be!

Main Street Village 1  Main Street Village 2  Main Street Villages 1    Main Street Village 5  Main Street Village 6  Msain Street Village 7  Main Street Villages 2

Handwoven Baskets

Handwoven Baskets
Dianne Pearce
112 Zeigler-Mill Road
Gettysburg, PA 17325
[email protected]

I have been weaving baskets for over 20 years.  The focus of my weaving incorporates technique, color, and pattern.  I am continually educating myself on the latest trends in basketweaving.  I belong to the Central PA,  Basketweavers Guild,Association  of Michigan, and the North Carolina Basketweavers Association.

I am located on the first floor in the “Guild Room”.

Pearce 1  Pearce 2  Pearce 3 baskets_for_jurying  Pearce 4 Basket_Assortment

Gourds by Suzanna, LLC

Gourds by Suzanna, LLC
Susan Wolf
3649 Riverview Drive
Toms-Brook, VA 22660
[email protected]

Description of Gourd Art

Initially, gourds are opened, cleaned, and treated as needed for their intended use.  For example, appropriate-sized holes for different bird species are drilled into gourds designated to be birdhouses; those gourds that are selected to be bowls or vases are cut open with a key-hole saw.  After opening, all the debris is removed from the interior of the gourd.

Once cleaned, a design is penciled onto the gourd surface.  The design that is selected is in keeping with the shape of the gourd. The penciled design is then used as a template to carve the design onto the gourd.  After carving, the gourds to be used indoors are stained with dyes, indigo ink and/or acrylics.

Gourds to be used outdoors are painted with outdoor paints and treated with uv-resistant urethane to make them durable and weather resistant. 

Artist’s Biography

Susan’s love for gourd art stems from her horticultural interests coupled with her desire to produce a functional as well as decorative product.  Over the past seasons, the Wolf family gourd garden has provided Susan with a medium to work – providing her many different shapes and sizes of gourds.

Susan is originally from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  After receiving her Ph.D. in Plant Breeding from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, Susan moved to Virginia in 1988 to take a post-doctoral position in plant biology at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia.  After completion of her postdoctoral tenure, Susan moved to Toms Brook, Virginia and conducted research in the plant sciences at the Virginia Tech Agricultural and Research Station in Winchester, Virginia. Susan is currently self-employed and works out of her home in Toms Brook where she lives with her husband and two sons.

birdhouse_2012_007    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Dan Hayward Art Glass

Dan Hayward Art Glass
Dan Hayward
3 Appalossa Way
Carlisle, PA 17015
[email protected]
Facebook: Dan Hayward Art Glass

Dan Hayward has worked in glass for more than 10 years.  He creates stained glass panels of many diferent designs and especially likes to incorporate unusual objects into the design – e.g., a crystal prism or antique candy dish.  Work on a stained glass window for a childrens’ chapel drew Dan into kiln-formed or “fused” glass.  He enjoys the creative possibilities involving functional glass art such as plates, bowls, and serving dishes which are both utilitarian and conversation pieces.  Dan is President of the Yellow Breeches Chapter of the PA Guild of Craftsmen.

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