Mama’s Apron Strings

Mama’s Apron Strings
Trish Klein
302 Rugby-Cove Ct
Arnold, MD 21012
[email protected]

Mama’s Apron Strings was born when people saw me wearing my home-made aprons while working at a local Coffee Shop, frequently covered with the remains of the day, and asked me to make one (or more) for them.
Reminiscent of the 50’s when women wore aprons to protect their clothing and frequently did a lot of their own sewing, these aprons have an old-school flare while being unique to the wearer.
I seek out specialty fabrics and match them to the personality of the wearer. Originally, the pleasure for me was to provide an attractive, handcrafted, and functional apron. Besides the special attention to fabric selection, each apron is lined for additional substance. I am very proud of the workmanship that goes into each apron.
But most of all, the joy for me has come in the smiling faces of the recipients when they receive their own special apron. That’s what really makes Mama proud. I hope you enjoy my aprons as much as I enjoy making them.



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