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The 44th Mistletoe Mart will be November 9, 10, & 11, 2017.  We will be looking for 6 new artisans to join us next November.  In early February, invitation letters will go out to talented artisans in the tri-state area.  Our show is unique that we jury in person.  You will bring a sample of your products to display on a provided 8-foot table.  Then for 30 minutes our committee will talk with you about what inspires your artistry.  If you would like to jury with us, please complete the form below.  Invitation letters will be sent via US Postal Service.

Provide a good description of your craft and the other juried shows you participate in. Thank you and we hope you can jury with us in March 2017.

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Thank you so much…we’ll be back in touch soon!