Patty’s Fairy Folk Art

I love writing fantasy / paranormal stories which includes “Irish/Scottish Magical themes”.

My mother was born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Her family originated from both Ireland and Scotland.  She served in the British Army during WWII where she met and married my father (an American Army sergeant), whose great-grandmother was Cherokee Indian.  I grew up loving the unique cultures and values from my multiple heritage.  Yes, I truly believe in both the leprechauns and the little people, and love studying the American Indian beliefs and customs.

My biggest love (besides my husband of course), is my love for animals.  I always dreamed of becoming a zoologist and working with wolves.   Unfortunately, that was something I didn’t get to pursue, and I guess just wasn’t meant to be. I feel blessed to have experienced the next best thing!  Samoyeds!  I feel fortunate to have been owned and loved by several Samoyeds for over the past 20 plus years.  My love for the breed led me to learn everything I could about them.  In fact, once I learned their undercoat “does not” have a doggy odor and was great for spinning; my husband purchased my very 1st (of several) spinning wheels and put it together for me.  Since then, I have been spinning yarn from my “Sammies”, which I blend with alpaca, angora, sheep and a variety of exotic fibers.  Spinning is very relaxing and helps me to “spin and weave my stories”.

Thanks for stopping by and please feel welcome to leave a comment.  Please drop back later for more updates on my new author pages where I plan on sharing some of my new projects with everyone.
Westminster, MD