Glenn Deuchler Wood Workes

Glenn Deuchler Wood Workes
Glenn Deuchler
Hampstead, MD

[email protected]

Throughout my adult life, I have dabbled in woodworking as I pursued formal careers as an engineer, a college professor, a personal trainer, and a health coach. My woodworking was primarily focused on making the furniture that we could not find in stores. After our furniture needs were satisfied, I sought other ways to enjoy the challenges of woodworking. While living in Montana, I developed an interest in wood turning.
I love the natural beauty of wood, both the grain patterns as well as the imperfections that nature has endowed a piece of wood. With wood turning, I am able to highlight those features, through the design of the final product as well as the use of finishes that highlight these grain patterns instead of hiding them. Forrest Gump, in the classic film, stated that “life is like a box of chocolates because you never know what you’re gonna get.” I have found that the same is true of wood; I never know what grains, flaws, and unique beauty I will find until I begin turning a piece of wood.
I find wood turning to offer a creative challenge and an opportunity to continue to grow my passion for wood with new skills and new variations. Turning presents an endless stream of design possibilities. My turning interests most often lead me to make bowls, with a goal of what I refer to as “functional art.” To me, that means a bowl that is designed to be functional in its dimensions and its durability, and also provides a piece that is visually appealing as well. However, I do seek other handmade alternatives, such as pens, seam rippers, and scroll sawn plaques.

Cigar Box Lady

Cigar Box Lady
Jan Hryn
Millersville, MD
[email protected]

I have always been fascinated with boxes and upon retirement tried different and unusual creative venues. I finally focused on a product that is very unique, quirky and great fun for me. I use old cigar boxes while utilizing as many recycled components as possible. I use a variety of scrapbooking materials for the base, then embellish them with vintage and precious items collected through my life, such as buttons, spools, jewelry, game pieces and much more. Each box has a different theme and no two are alike. Boxes are made up of individual cut and fitted items and some boxes are composed of over 55 pieces. I love my boxes and hope you will too.

Beverly’s Beautiful Bags & More

Beverly’s Beautiful Bags & More
Beverly Perry
West Friendship, MD
[email protected]

I am a Howard County, Maryland-based Artisian who started creating beautiful clothing
at the age of 10 for myself. Later, I would have other women interested in having me to create
something for them. I would accompany them to purchase their materials for their outfit which
was so fulfilling. My father purchased my very first Kenmore Steel Sewing Machine and my
imagination for style took off. My passion for the love of fashion has always been at the
forefront of my designs.
Years later, my love for fashion has not waivered, but has extended into the realm of
women’s fabric tote bags, cosmetic bags, cross body bags, wristlets, change purses and more.
My designs are like a breath of fresh air. Some of my customers have compared my work to
Vera Bradley’s purse line (What a compliment!) A love of all colors allows me to go beyond the
normal blah solid fabric bags. The use of store bought sewing patterns and being able to tweak
them is amazing.
I have developed quite a following on Instagram, as well as at yearly juried Arts/Craft
Shows that I participate in.
The reason that I make beautiful women’s fabric tote bags and other bag accessories is
because I have a passion for sewing and creating beautiful bags. To see the smiles on the
faces of my customers and when they come back to purchase others is a joy within itself.

Beverly Perry
Beverly’s Beautiful Bags and More

Jay Stutman designs

Jay Stutman designs
Ms. Jay Stutman
Newark, Delaware
[email protected]

Jay Stutman is an award-winning jewelry designer. She lives in Newark, Delaware with her husband, a very large blind dog, and a sassy cat. As a self-taught beader, she fell in love with off-loom beadweaving and has been exploring the endless possibilities in design for the last thirteen years. Using a variety of beaded stitch techniques and art glass, she enjoys combining unusual color palettes that result in unique works of “wearable art”.
Ignoring the latest fashion trends, she creates jewelry that is timeless. From classic elegance to bold and funky, her style of intricately woven spiral rope sewn from seed beads and her passion for color translate into one of a kind jewelry pieces. “Classic Designs with a Twist”
Jay sells her jewelry at Arts by the Bay Gallery in Havre de Grace Maryland, Ivystone Studio in Downingtown Pennsylvania and juried art fairs in the tristate area. She is also a juried Chester County member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsman.

Warren Wilson Photos

Warren Wilson Photos
Warren Wilson
Lanham, Maryland

As an artist, I’ve chosen photography as my vehicle in allowing the viewer a glimpse into how I interpret life, all the while hoping to show a different perspective than one might expect. Photography has been a near-lifelong passion for me. I started out with a cheap box film camera in the mid-1950’s, photographed Vietnam in the mid-1960’s, worked as a photo lab technician 1970-2005, picked up a digital camera and joined a camera club in 2006. Joining the camera club taught me the skills and discipline needed to be a good photographer.
Although I’ve worked with film, I now devote most of my energy creating digital images. These digital images are then fine-tuned using various software packages. Then the work is sent to a professional photo lab for prints.
I’m what is considered a “generalist” photographer. A generalist is one who photographs a variety of subjects. Although I’ve found my passion in photographing nature, abstracts, and travel, I’ve also been known to photograph street scenes, extreme close-ups, and portraits—in other words, just about anything. I’ve found that doing so helps to keep me motivated and provides me with a large subject list.

Poplar Hollow Studio

Poplar Hollow Studio
Kim Gladfelter
Glenville, Pennsylvania

Kim creates unique and whimsical, one-of-a-kind folk art with gourds…many of which are grown on her and husband Bob’s PA farm. No two gourds are alike. Sometimes a piece is created by painting the gourd with meticulous attention to detail in its original, unaltered shape. Other times the shape is enhanced or transformed with epoxy or paper clay sculpture. A multi-step hand-rubbed aging technique finishes each piece and adds to the old-fashioned charm. Many of her pieces are holiday themed. Inspiration comes from the simplicity of country life on the family farm. The changing seasons, an affinity for treasures from a bygone era and holiday traditions…these things are all celebrated in her work.

Meadow Medley Fibers

Meadow Medley Fibers
Suzanne Banghart
Hanover, Maryland
(410) 551-9958
[email protected]


We are three women who believe that traditional crafts such as weaving, knitting, spinning and dying should be carried on and shared with others. Each of us has been practicing our craft for over 20 years. The yarns we dye range from silk, cotton, cashmere, bamboo to beautiful Bluefaced Leicester wools and we use only natural dyes from plants, trees and flowers.  Besides our yarns we will also have woven and knitted shawls, scarves, hats and caps.

Come by and see our beautiful colors and wears while you watch a spinning demonstration.

meadow_medley_fibers_05 meadow_medley_fibers_06
meadow_medley_fibers_01 meadow_medley_fibers_04


Marble Man

The Marble Man
Jack & Sue Hahn
6113 Mudville Road
Woodford, VA 22580
[email protected]

Jack_in_Booth  We make Classic Old Time Games such as Chinese Checkers and Aggravation all using Marbles we make of Recycled Glass as markers.  We also have Sun Catchers made with the Marbles and various weights of Brass & Nickel Silver wire.

Chinese_Checkers   shooter_set   Siamese_Checkers   Solitaire

Main Street Villages

Main Street Villages
Mary Ann Gehle
1809 Kings-Forest Trail
Mt Airy, MD 21771
[email protected]

Main Street Villages was founded by our family in 1982.  For 32 years we have produced hand-crafted, hand-painted wooden villages.  We make our houses, one at a time, and our customers appreciate and enjoy the uniqueness of each one.  Mary Ann does the design work and painting, while Keith does the cutting and sanding.  Main Street Villages are made in Mount Airy, MD.  Come and see what’s new for 2014, and let our little villages add sparkle to your gift giving and holiday decorating!  The Mistletoe mart is a magic place to be!

Main Street Village 1  Main Street Village 2  Main Street Villages 1    Main Street Village 5  Main Street Village 6  Msain Street Village 7  Main Street Villages 2