Julie Gross Paintings

Julie Gross Paintings
Julie Gross

Themes in my art are the idea of place and the exploration of color in those landscapes. The interplay of color relationships is an interesting dynamic that I explore frequently. Recently I have been focused on the healing properties of color combinations. When painting I intuitively connect with healing energy, and place that intention in the work through color interactions, especially in the natural landscape. “Place,” is about communicating the essence of a place, not a photo-representation of a place, but through the use of linear qualities and color. I have recently experimented with having a variety of ways to display my work. Clothes, ornaments, and cards have been a fun way to experience the work.

Art by Bruce

Art by Bruce
Bruce Garrabrandt
Terre-Hill, PA

When asked for my “mission statement” as an artist, I am always quick to respond: “I have none.” To
those who don’t know me well I may seem like a shallow-thinking person. But my friends will tell you I
seldom think at all.

I’m a self-taught artist who began with no talent for drawing. A passionate desire to learn the skills, and
the willingness to work through frustrations and setbacks, eventually enabled me to become a
professional artist. I am not boasting. I’m a man of average intelligence. (My friends will argue I’m
boasting when I say that.)

I’ve learned that talent is not a prerequisite for success in any endeavor. Each of us is born with unique
desires, interests, passions—and the potential to develop them. These are our gifts. Some people are
developing their gifts into talents and abilities, while others just play with the packaging material.
I never attended art school. At the University of Delaware, in the mid-1970’s, I was an English major, a
subject of study I later learned had as much practical application as four years’ training in stagecoach
driving. Today I retain fragments of The Lord’s Prayer in Old English, the ability to sleep through public
lectures with my eyes open, and how to use a semi-colon.

After graduation I landed a job in advertising, a business once described as “the art of arresting human
intelligence long enough to extract money from it.” My heart was not in the work, so I decided the rest
of me shouldn’t be there, either. At age thirty I began a part-time business as an artist. Six years later I
jumped into it full-time and never looked back.

I used to be a serious artist—but I got over it. It’s more fun to create “random acts of artistic nonsense.”
Now that I’m deeply entrenched in middle-age, I ‘m more convinced than ever that humor is our cosmic
night-light, because it touches emotions we all share. (Truthfully, I only do these drawings to watch my
wife roll her eyes. It works every time. Life is full.)

Writer O. Henry said that life consists of smiles, sniffles, and sobs—with sniffles predominating. In my
own small way, I hope to increase the percentage of smiles. I humbly offer these whimsical wildlife
drawings as a partial antidote to the six o’clock news.

The Deli Llama
The Howlelujah Chorus
Bacon, Lattice & Tomato

Gadd Paintings & Prints

Gadd Paintings & Prints
Jerry Gadd
Westminster, MD

I have been working as a professional artist and illustrator for over 45 years studying art in Baltimore Maryland at the Le Millet School of Art, and The Famous Artist Correspondence Course with instructions John Pellew and Claude Croney, known for their expertise in landscape painting in watercolor. My medium was mainly watercolor before retiring from the University of Maryland as an illustrator. Since retiring I now have time to pain in oil and watercolor. My style is very traditional or representational.

My work has been shown in local galleries in Baltimore, Annapolis, and Pennsylvania with both one man and group shows. I am currently exhibiting with the Hanover Area Arts Guild in Hanover Pennsylvania and the Carroll County Arts Center, Westminster, Maryland. I have participated in local and international art exhibits, and been published in art magazines and publications, such the Southwest Art, and international Art magazines. I have won many various awards and ribbons in local and online art competitions.

I am a member of the Baltimore Watercolor Society and the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society. I have been a judge in art competitions, such as the adult and children’s art for the Maryland State Fair.

I live in Carroll County, Maryland, and am inspired by the many beautiful landscapes and historical old homes and farms in the Maryland and Pennsylvania area.

trishdoty:brush, water & color

trishdoty:brush, water & color
Trish Doty
Arnold, Maryland

Trish Doty is a Annapolis-area watercolor artist. She puts an emphasis on offering affordable, original art mixed with a few prints on archival paper and on canvas. Her more popular works include her framed original miniature paintings (and her happy blowfish), but she has a lot of work that vary in subject and size (she also accepts commission work). She has been juried into several plein air events such as Plein Air Easton, Paint Annapolis and Brandywine Plein Air. Her work has been juried into several national and international exhibits – most recently at the National Exhibit of American Watercolors. If you would like a preview of her work, visit her website: trishdoty.blogspot.com