Ewes-ful Fiber Arts

Ewes-ful Fiber Arts is a small studio, farm and business dedicated to the production of traditional fiber arts including: hand spun yarns, handwoven items, and wet-felted handmade soaps. The farm raises alpacas, angora rabbits and wool sheep with lambs often available for purchase in the summer.

I maintain my own flock of sheep which are raised and cared for to provide wool for my needs. My sheep are high percentage Wensleydale and Wensleydale/Blue Faced Leicester and grow a fleece of up to 8 inches staple length. The Wensleydale sheep breed comes from England and is considered a rare breed sheep.  The wool is highly sought after, being the softest long wool with a high luster to the fibers.  The resulting yarn has a sheen to it! My ram, Ted, is 92% Wensleydale and passes on his beautiful fleece genes to his lambs.  Each year, there are lovely lambs available for sale.  The sheep provide me with over 60 pounds of wool a year!

Westminster, MD