Heart’s Desire Pottery

 “I learned when I go looking for my Heart’s Desire, I needn’t look further than my own backyard.”  Dorothy Gayle, The Wizard of Oz

Nature is my muse, constantly changing – season to season. Inspired by my backyard, the garden surrounding my 1840’s farmhouse, the wildlife plying in the pastures and stream. The garden is where I first learned to play in the dirt.

After earning a theatre/Costume Design degree at the University of Dallas, I returned home to the green hills and woodlands of Maryland. While raising a family, cows, sheep, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, dogs and numerous cats, I pursued my interest in Sculpture. 

Clay seemed the perfect medium for me to give life to my idyllic countryside. Bringing tulips, dragonflies and birch trees from my garden to you home gives me great pleasure. I love creating dishes to tile work, toad houses to ​birdbaths, lamps and all sorts of seasonal decor for your own heart’s desire. If you don’t see what brings you joy in life on this site, please contact me to create it for you. 

Myersville, Maryland