J. Potts Design

Woodwork and Furniture Design

My name is Joshua Potts, I’m from and still live in Maryland with my wife and two children.  My interest in woodworking started when I lived in Vermont and had a fully functioning wood shop available to me.  

I approach most of my woodwork as creating functional art that is inspired by the natural world and the artisans that have come before me.  Being in the moment, that sense where time disappears, happens for me when I am in the flow of creating in my shop.  In some ways you almost are forced to be present when working with tools, especially when being distracted can result in potentially losing a finger or worse. 

My work has shifted from spoon carving to cutting boards and now has entered the domain of furniture and decorative art.  With that being said, I have decided to share with others what I make and at the same time create a life that is unlimited in terms of where I go with this creative path. I hope that you enjoy seeing my work unfold as I discover new techniques and, push myself to create one of a kind creations that can be passed down through generations.

Lutherville, MD