Rainy Day Creations by Kelly & Julie Pierce

Fine art, Practical art, & Jewelry

During the pandemic in spring 2020, Julie started fluid art as a new hobby to keep busy on days when it wasn’t pleasant to work in their garden.  It wasn’t long before she had convinced Kelly to join her.  By late spring of 2021, their home was overflowing with fluid art, and they decided that they needed to start selling in order to make room for new creations. Rainy Day Creations was born.

Knowing many people wouldn’t have a place in their home for a canvas, Kelly and Julie expanded to other materials that were practical such as charcuterie, lazy susans, serving trays, coasters, trivets, and clocks.  This gives customers the option of having a piece of art they can use on a daily basis.  With a high heat resin protecting the art, trivets are a great example.  Customers can display the trivet as a piece of art in their kitchen, and when cooking, they can use the trivet to protect their counter tops and set a hot pan right out of the oven on it.

When Kelly & Julie create fluid art, as the name implies, the paint is very thin, and it often runs off the piece.  In order to reuse this excess paint, they branched into jewelry giving customers an inexpensive option to take home a small piece of art.

Glen Burnie, MD